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Meet the Characters

The heart on the tummy of Tenderheart Bear symbolizes the caring that is common to all of the Care Bears. But more than this, it represents the devotion to spreading human love and well-being that is the special responsibility of Tenderheart Bear.

Tenderheart Bear

Good Luck Bear’s four-leaf clover symbolizes the good fortune for which he is responsible and lets us know that when Good Luck Bear is nearby, good luck for us is never far behind.

Goodluck Bear

The birthday cake is an appropriate symbol for Birthday Bear. It symbolizes celebration— and that’s what birthdays are all about! The single candle gently reminds us that it’s not the number of birthdays but the amount of “happy” that’s really important when we say “Happy Birthday!”

Birthday Bear

The wishing star that appears on Wish Bear’s tummy reminds us that there is magic and hope in wishing and that we should believe in our dreams because they can come true!

Wish Bear

The rainbow that adorns Cheer Bear’s tummy is a traditional symbol of hope. It’s also a cheerful reminder that things already are getting better and that even bad times can bring something beautiful.

Cheer Bear

Nighttime is always the right time for happy dreaming— that is the meaning of Bedtime Bear’s tummy symbol: a crescent moon and a star. The symbol also reminds us that even while we sleep, there is a Care Bear to watch over us.

Bedtime Bear

The two smiling daisies that Friend Bear proudly wears reflect the warmth that Friend Bear generates and helps us to remember that it takes two to make a friendship!

Friend Bear

Grumpy Bear’s tummy symbol of a rain cloud with falling hearts is his unspoken reminder that even in spite of our occasional grouchy moods, we are still loved by those closest to us.

Grumpy Bear

Funshine Bear’s symbol is a smiling sun. It’s a constant reminder that a sunny outlook is the best one and that we should enjoy each moment of each new day!

Funshine Bear

The two hearts intertwined on Love-a-Lot Bear’s tummy reinforce the Bear’s role as the promoter of romance. The hearts serve as a visual reminder of the power of love— that everybody has somebody and they should always be together.

Love-a-Lot Bear
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Get to know us more closely

Care Bears ™ was born in 1982 as an illustration of a card by American Greetings, an American card company. Later, TV series were aired in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other countries around the world, and their cute facial expressions, colors, and tummy symbols became popular, making them loved all over the world, from children to adults.

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