Care Bears SG Women Story

To the world, my mum is just a mum but to our family, my mum is the world.My mum has single-handedly raised the 5 of us ever since my dad passed away. My mum acts dual roles, a mum and dad. She multi-tasks, work, do household chores and cooks.She multi tasks well. She never lament the hardship she has gone through as she loves us dearly. 👩‍👧‍👦🤰🤱💖

My mother’s love is selfless as she places the family’s needs as her priority.I admire her strength, courage and endurance.💪🦸‍♀️

My mum is just like a sunflower🌻, cheery, optimistic and happy, giving us happiness, warmth and joy, bringing smile to us everyday.Under her tender patience, loving care, just like plants needs nutrient, water, sunlight, fertilisers, grooming, my siblings and I are like little sunflowers growing well under her tender, loving care and have full bloom into great people.My mum is my source of inspiration and the most special woman in my life. She has showed me that despite the demise of my dad, she picked herself up after the mourning, sad period and life goes on and she must be strong. Being a single parent does deter lesser love and care for us.The virtue personality, determination and ‘gungo’ spirits that my mum possessed inspires me.

Without her, my siblings and I won’t be what we are today. Our success is my mum’s credits as we blossom under her guidance, nurturing and patience.My mum is my 1st educator, companion, playmate, caregiver,
driver, chef, discipline master, best friend, etc. She is my guardian angel that I thanks God for.We are truly blessed and grateful to my mum. No language can express the power, beauty and heroism of my mother’s love👩💞

Motherhood journey is 24/7. 365days. A full time job with no pay and leaves but many benefits.Being a mum myself with 2 lovely young kids, I could fully understand and experience that motherhood and parenthood is not easy. Having to manage career, family, kids, household chores, expectations, financial, etc at the same time is challenging.The journey is filled with mixture of joy, frustration, fatigue, worries, agony, anxiety, happiness, etc.
I am grateful and appreciative to my mum🦸‍♀️🤰🤱

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